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Apparently there’s a new Manchester scene brewing. There’s no discernible thread or bond to this scene, just another spate of great bands rising fast from the same city. It isn’t a scene at all. Manchester has always delivered generation-defining artists, and the new guard are as typically fervent and exciting as they always have been.

Enter Airship: Four young men from the great city and its surrounding suburbs. They are writing rock-tinged, leftfield guitar songs that soar and spin-off into otherworldly esoteric structures. These are songs that are already shaking the foundations of venues from Manchester’s Night & Day to London’s Hammersmith Apollo. They are heavy on emotion and floored by melody. Another fantastic Mancunian export, but certainly not one defined by its history.

Brushing off their old humdrum college bands, Airship formed from those ashes, all clutching well-worn copies of The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’. Demos were soon recorded and leaked, and buzz duly commenced. The city started to gossip and Airship began gracing bigger stages across the UK with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Editors. News travels fast.  Healthy responses from very different audiences ensued, and without a note yet released, Airship’s dirty, vitality powered anthems were uniting hundreds and thousands.

Shacked up at the industrial end of the city, Airship have made their rehearsal room a hub of creativity where artwork ideas and song structures come alive within its four, crumbling walls. Endless days and nights, dimly lit by one buzzing lightbulb, are spent mastering their creations, readying themselves and their craft for endless weeks on the road.

Already and justly a strong home city favourite, Airship are an arresting and passionate new act with huge potential in just these early opening steps. Let their story unfurl…

Airship are:
Elliott Williams (vocal/guitar/keys)
Tom Dyball (bass)
Marcus Wheeldon (guitar)
Steven Griffiths (drums).

Algebra EP:
Never Awake
Spirit Party
Go To Sleep

Airship Live:
20-08-2010 : Pukkelpop Festival – Hasselt Kiewit – Belgium

21-08-2010: Lowlands Festival - Holland

25-09-2010 : Underground Festival – Gloucester – United Kingdom