“We argue about a lot of things, but never about music,” says Julia about the relationship she has with her brother Angus. “We don’t get on a lot of the time but when it comes to making music it’s always pretty simple for us.”

It’s this language of music that forms the basis of Angus & Julia’s debut album “A Book Like This” – a collection of thirteen heartfelt and organic songs that share their experiences and observations with listeners. Together, and with respective singer/songwriter talents, Angus & Julia Stone form two halves of a musical act whose words and music reveal a pure and genuine love of music, and a talent for telling beautiful and beguiling stories. Raised in the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, Angus & Julia’s love of music was inextricably intertwined with their experiences of growing up in their musical family. Music was an integral aspect of family life, with music as the bloodline through both their mother and father’s families. A long line of musicians made for an environment that encouraged the duo to express themselves using their voice and any of the many instruments lying around the house. "Mum listened to Janis Ian a lot, but a big part of our childhood was listening to dad’s covers band – it was music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s,” says Julia of their early influences. “It was everything from Van Morrison to The Eagles and The Beatles. We didn’t know any of those bands, we just knew the songs as dad had sung them. It was only a couple of years ago that we listened to “The White Album”, and thought to ourselves, ‘oh right, these guys are a band - dad didn’t write these songs!" Music continued to play a role in their lives throughout their teenage years. Living at their dad’s place and being ‘unemployed’ish’ – a state that saw Angus working at odd-jobs as a labourer, and Julia teaching-trumpet – the two musicians treated their music as a personal discovery and outlet for their thoughts and observations. When Julia returned home after a year of traveling she encouraged Angus to play his music at some local open-mic nights, and not long after, having helped him out with some backing harmonies, she joined him on stage to play some of her own compositions. That was a mere two years ago. “Eventually it worked out that we were doing a split-set,” says Julia. “It seemed very normal for us and there was no reason not to record together also. It was just easy. Natural, I suppose.” Pressing up their own “Chocolates and Cigarettes” EP to sell at their local gigs, the duo soon caught the attention of radio stations and a booking agent, and shortly afterwards went on to further their reputation by being booked on the bill for Australian festivals, The Great Escape, Splendour In The Grass and Homebake, where they saw first-hand how their music would affect and connect with audiences on a wider scale. Despite creating a buzz back home in Australia, the opportunity arose last year for Angus & Julia to move to London, UK, where their second EP “Heart Full Of Wine” and “Chocolates & Cigarettes” EP’s received a local release. Along with their permanent drummer – third member of the band - Mitchell Connelly, Angus & Julia relocated to the UK in 2006 and continued working on new material. Not long after they arrived in London, Angus & Julia were taken under the wing of lead singer/songwriter Fran Healy from the band Travis, who began to help them out with material which would become a part of their debut album “A Book Like This".“We really wanted to record this particular song on piano, he offered his beautiful 18th century grand piano for the song… and so we went round to his house and then just sort of ended up playing a whole lot more,” says Julia, with Angus nodding in agreement. “It was just exciting that we got on so well… he understood us and how we liked creating music. He had this amazing studio at his home and this amazing grand piano – and it was great because it was exactly how we made music at home… but only with really good gear to record us!” With a producer to guide them, Angus & Julia sat on Fran’s lounge-room floor, continuing to record songs, using vintage guitars and microphones, which would eventually end up on “A Book Like This”. The rest of the songs from the album would be recorded in their mother’s lounge room back in Newport with producer and friend, Ian Pritchett. “The most important thing about recording for us is that we are with people we love, and that everyone can feel good about where we are and what we are doing—and this whole record was done in a lounge room… making music with people we love.” The album is like a storybook – hence the title – with each song revealing itself like a different page. Whilst Julia’s songs expose her as a young women in love dealing with relationships and interactions, it seems that Angus’ songs seem to surface from a different perspective, one which showcases a unique view on society and what goes on around us. Together the songs on “A Book Like This” are strikingly poignant, and textured recordings that immediately draws listeners into the simple and endearing vision of Angus & Julia Stone’s world. Whether they are tagged as folky, acoustic or bluesy-rock is not a concern for the duo “We don’t listen to heaps of other music,” says Angus. “We are two people who play music because…well just because… and if people can enjoy the music and feel something then that is a wonderful thing.” Whether it’s the rhythmic-strum of the first single “The Beast” with its reference to society’s expectations, or the seductive title track “A Book Like This”, the emotive and touching “Bella”, or the gentle sway of “Here We go Again”, it seems it was almost obvious that Angus & Julia Stone were born to be musicians at heart. They themselves may be modest about their talents and surprised by the interest in their songs, but for those around them, Angus & Julia are the embodiment of everything good and natural about the essence of honest music.