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Animal Collective release new single – Brother Sport – on November 9th

Brother Sport, released on November 9th, is the third single taken from Animal Collective’s universally acclaimed album, Merriweather Post Pavilion.

‘Euphoric’, ‘mesmeric’ and ‘delirious’ are words that have often been used to describe Animal Collective’s astonishing ninth offering… and Brother Sport is the track that fits that description the best. With its infectious repetition of ‘open up your, open up your throat’, it’s the most spine-tingling album closer of the year, from one of the greatest albums of 2009.

Brother Sport, will be available on 10” (RUG333T) and via digital download (RUG333D), and will be backed with a live version of a brand new track Bleeding (Live) recorded recently at Big Sur in California.  The 10” will be available in the US via Domino Mart.

‘the most creative, forward-facing, dynamic, [..] amazing force on the musical planet’ – NME, Number 1 in Future 50 List

‘one of the landmark American albums of the century so far’ – Uncut 5*

‘at once euphoric and utterly devastating’ –Sunday Times Culture– CD of the Week - 5*

‘Thrilling, surprise-a-minute stuff, and a great start to 2009’ – Independent - 5*

‘these catchy songs are infused with a euphoria that borders on the transcendent’ –The Times - 5*

‘a modern classic […] a contender for album of 2009’ – The Sun – lead review- 5*