"A lean, tough set that was not only a triumph for Peebles, but illustrated how the Hi label had surpassed its crosstown Stax rival for quality Memphis soul in the early '70s." - Richie Unterberger.

If Al Green is heads on the Hi Records coin, Ann Peebles is tails. The signature female artist on the legendary Memphis soul and R&B label, Ann Peebles rocked the pre-disco 70's with songs of love, lost love, and love straight up taken. Released in 1972, Straight From the Heart preceded by just 2 years Peebles' uber classic, I Can't Stand The Rain, proving the young, soon to be American R&B icon didn't need worldwide fame and record sales for a license to be fierce and provocative (see album track "I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home Tonight").

Track List:
1. Slipped, Tripped and Fell In Love
2. Trouble, Heartaches & Sadness
3. What You Laid On Me
4. How Strong Is A Woman
5. Somebody's On Your Case
6. I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home Tonight
7. I've Been There Before
8. I Pity The Fool
9. 99 Pounds
10. I Take What I Want